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The Companies Act 2013 substituting the earlier Companies Act, 1956 has introduced new and more stringent provisions. Contravention of any of the provisions invites prosecution and or stiff penalties. We assist you in navigating the maze of legal provisions to remain on the right side of the law.

Capture the business potential of INDIA, the Second largest emerging economy in the world featured in the Goldman Sachs 'BRICS' Report. With a stable government and a vibrant democracy and a host of far reaching reforms on the agenda, now is the time to set up base in India.

We assist you to establish an entity of your Company or Limited Liability Partnership in India at competitive Fees. Our service package:

    Incorporation and setting up of

    1. One Person Company, Private or Public Limited Company
    2. Limited Liability Partnership
    3. Foreign Company
    4. Liaison Office


    Digital Signature Certificates - Class 2 for
    1. Directors of One Person Company, Pvt. Limited Company or Public Limited Company
    2. Designated Partners of Limited Liability Partnership


    Digital Signature Certificates - Class 3 for
    1. e-Tender participant Northern Railways, IFFCO


    Corporate Statutory Records / Registers maintenance etc.
    Company / LLP regulatory compliance
    Allied business laws compliance
    Service Tax Compliance

    1. individuals Income Tax
    2. Companies / LLPs / Income Tax and Annual Returns
    3. Sales / VAT Tax returns
    4. Service Tax (ST3)
    5. Other statutory returns etc.



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